A journey across the city


Lead Staff

Marco Bareggi, Michele Villani

Alina Arat

Patrizio Nesi



As the name suggests, "el Cicinin" has a strong "milanese" history. The meaning of this name is "a little of", explaining the beauty of discovering all the simple and natural things in life, like the "milanese" cooking. 
 Osteria style restaurants were once were very popular on the Navigli, as this was the place in Milano where people used to fish and wash their clothes. 
A neighborhood where they invented the most famous and popular milanese dishes; mostly pasta, rice and meat. 

Michele and Marco are the two owners of "el Cicinin". They were both born in Milan and they grew up in the city. From their parents, they learned not only some words in dialect, but also the history of their town. 

This love for the city of Milan is expressed in the creation of "el Cicinin". 

At "el Cicinin" you will be greeted with all the welcomes and the smiles of young and passionate people who want to make you feel the atmosphere of the Navigli. They would like to tell you the excellence of the area and its influences, but first of all they will be happy to let you taste a glass of wine.

Because in Milan everything starts from a good glass on the table with the company of good friends. 

The research and the discovery of  the different flavors that always have influenced Milano was made by Aurora, Michele's mother, aka  the culinary director of the Cicinin. 

The care and passion for the preparation of unique and delicious recipes, the attention to the taste and quality of the raw materials combined with the simplicity of our italian flavors...all this is "EL CICININ". 

Great food, fine wines and magnificent cocktails await for you in the corner of an old and magic Milano