Get lost into the music and celebrate with us the SUMMER!

Anna Buckley and the Spank Daddies!!!

Thursday 5th July from 7,30 pm

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THURSDAY November 16th,  from 6,30 pm

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We are glad to announce the exhibition "Nebbia"by Patrizio Nesi. Opening Thursday November 16th  from 6,30pm in Via Corsico 5, Milano.


" A Canon 5D Mark II with Leica lens.
I went out from my place as I wasn't able to sleep and I knew outside there was "the fog".                                                                                    I have always been wicked by water, after "Town Down" you can easily find again this element in "Nebbia".                                                      All the pictures were shoot in one night in November 2016, except for one taken one year before on November 2015.                                      No post production was applied after. I preferred to leave the images pure as I saw them. 
The colors you see in the images are a mixture of my eye's vision and the beauty perception I get from it. I haven't used any additional light or tripod. The only lights needed were the ones that naturally reflect on the objects from behind, or in the shadows.
The combination  of shapes, the use and the abuse of the things, the time that passes on them, build the photographic composition that I like most for my pictures.
The pictures showed in this exhibition are part of a bigger collection, always on growth.
...Come with me for this night promenade around a dreaming Milano"
Patrizio Nesi